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1. What is the difference between a broker and an independent transporter?
A broker is the middle man who looks for transporters to transport your vehicle. They have no control when a car is picked up or delivered. They have no trucks and shop around for someone to haul your vehicle, while an independent transporter picks up and delivers your vehicle. You deal directly with the transporter with no middle man! 

2. What type of truck will be used to transport my vehicle?
In most cases, we will use a 9 car auto transporter. These are the kind of trucks you see delivering cars to the dealerships. These trucks are 75 ft. long, weigh close to 80,000 lbs. fully loaded and are 13.6 ft. high.

Can my vehicle be delivered anywhere?
It is extremely difficult, and in some cases, illegal for semi-car haulers to access residential areas. Counties and townships set weight & size restrictions of area roads. It is not always possible to deliver your vehicle directly to your door. Arrangements are always made for alternative delivery locations between our driver and our customers.

Where will my vehicle be picked up from?
We make every attempt to pick up your vehicle from your location, or as physically close as possible, while maintaining driver safety and obeying the law. It's not always possible due to road restrictions, low hanging trees or wires, low bridges, etc.... Our driver will make arrangements with you to pick up your vehicle in a location that's convenient for you and safe & compliant for us.

Can I put any personal belongings in my vehicle while being transported?
Keep in mind, our units haul 9 cars at a time. If everyone loaded their vehicles with personal belongings, that would make the truck overweight. You also run the risk of theft. Why tempt a thief? We permit a couple of suitcases in a locked trunk, but cannot be responsible for these items. Our job is to make sure your vehicle arrives to you safely!

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, cash and cashier's checks. Please contact us with any questions you may have.